I'm interested in distributing Zenful Minks, who should I contact?

You can contact us Monday-Friday between 8:00am-6:00pm at shop@zenfulminks.com or via phone at (757) 828-3624


Which style is the most dramatic lash?

'Aura' is the most dramatic style. It's double layered and has a rounded shape.

Which style is the most natural?

'Myra' is the most wearable style we have. If you're new to strip lashes 'Myra' is the perfect style to start with. 

How many wears can I get from one pair of lashes?

With proper care Zenful Minks will last you more than 20 times.

How do I properly care for my lashes?

You should always remove your strip lashes before going to bed. Sleeping on or with them on can routine the shape. 

Try removing the dried up glue using a tweezer or carefully remove with fingers.

Always store lashes in it's original mode to retain its shape.

DONT soak or apply harsh chemicals to clean strip lashes.

Only apply mascara at the base of the lash for blending your natural lash to the mink, never apply mascara throughout the entire lash. It's beautiful without mascara .